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    Hey GoPro forums! Just wanted to share my sklog featuring some recent ski footage. Thanks for watching!
  2. Snow
    Hi everyone, i usually stick my ski edits on here for fellow snow/GoPro lovers to check out. If you like either i'm sure you'll enjoy the video! I used Hero 5 Black and Karma Grip to shoot it, grip is insanely good. Highly recommend! Enjoy! Nathan
  3. Snow
    Hello guys, This is our first video, we were having some fun on the slopes of Popova Shapka, Macedonia (if you don't know where Popova Shapka or Macedonia is, you can google it :D :D) It is our first edit so your thoughts and critics are welcome Play it in HD and enjoy!
  4. Snow
    Hey everyone, let's see my new winter video! Hope you'll like it!
  5. General video , photos, Timelapse and Other
    Hey guys ! Each year, with our french crew "ExtremPopains" we made a video of our year. So check out our 2015 video ! Supermoto, ski, snowboard, travels... It was a great year ! I hope you will enjoy watching it !
  6. Snow
    Edit of our 5 day trip to Cervinia, Italy, 17th-21st February 2015. We had Fresh Powder on the 1st and last days so was able to get loads of Off-Piste skiing done. Edited using GoPro CineForm Studio 2.5.4 Filmed entirely using GoPro Hero 3+ Silver Edition camera Formats used: 1080/60fps...
  7. Snow
    Check out my new Edit, 5 days of epic powder caught on my GoPro 3+ Black edition. Subscribe and Like it so your up to date with my new Episodes!!
  8. General video , photos, Timelapse and Other
    Hey guys, been a long time I haven't posted any GoPro edits, so here is my latest GoPro Edit! Skiing in Isola 2000 and Ice Karting in Monaco nothing better for a winter edit ;) Edited with Final Cut Pro X Music: DJ Fresh - Gold Dust (Flux Pavilion Remix)
  9. Greetings & Introductions
    Hello everyone! I just joined this forum and it seems pretty cool :D I have a GoPro Hero3+ Silver edition right now. I'm saving up for a black edition.
  10. General video , photos, Timelapse and Other
    Here is a video we made ! We also made the music (remix) of this video. We used a GoPro 3 Black Edition and a GoPole with various mounts. Enjoy ! :)
  11. General video , photos, Timelapse and Other
    Hey guys, new to this forum, here is my most recent edit I created using adobe premiere pro 6. It is a compilation of the second half of my summer. Includes boating, biking, waterskiing, flipping, jumping and more. Check it out and leave feed back!
  12. General video , photos, Timelapse and Other
    The ski season on the East Coast is sadly coming to an end, but it's hard to complain after how amazing the ski season has come to end over the last three weekends. The first of which was one of our best powder days of the season. Anyways, here is my edit made up from shots I got using my Gopro...