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  1. GoPro App and Galaxy S5

    GoPro Service Corner
    Hey there everyone! Recently i had to move from my Samsung note 4 to my S5 and found out that the GoPro App in the play store is not compatible with this phone. Does anyone know why this could be? I know Capture used to work on it a while back before it was just the gopro app. There are...
  2. New to Forums - Shooting Aviation Cockpit Videos

    Introductions & New Members
    Hi, I'm new here with Hero 4 Silver and Session GoPro cameras. I'm primarily interested in shooting videos from the cockpit of an airplane. I've done this for several years but I'm new to GoPro. Would appreciate any advice for settings and mounting. Thanks Mike
  3. Eclipse Hero Session Setup. ND Filter? Telephoto lens?

    GoPro Hero 5 Session & Hero Session
    I have a GoPro Hero Session and intend on attaching it to a high altitude balloon. I'm a photography novice and want to know what settings and accessories I should fit to my camera. The platform it is on will be moving slightly but the camera will be always pointed at the sun. I want decent...
  4. Session 5

    GoPro Hero 5 Session & Hero Session
    Problem not recognizing the password and if it does error message "no internet connection to the phone WIFI settings. Also, I thought that the session 5 comes with the voice control but no options on the menu tree. Please help. Thanks. Also, is there a way to reset the session 5 for wifi...
  5. Missing events with-in the video I've recorded

    GoPro Service Corner
    I've been shooting video of my son's hockey games, cold, indoor rinks, fast paced action, I turn the camera on and have been shooting continuously for each period usually about 25 minutes of real time. When I go to edit the game, certain events don't seem to record. GoPro Hero Session, it's...
  6. GoPro Hero 5 Session Full Review and Owners Discussion thread

    GoPro Hero, Hero 5, Hero 6, Fusion
    Welcome this is a place to start Asking your questions owner or not The review ill get going in a few hours time. Anything you want to see in the next clip start asking, no promises. All requests will be noted in Post 2 and worked on Stay tuned as I do my best. Open & honest and straight...
  7. Suction Mount similar to Polaroid Cube Eye Mount

    GoPro Hero 5 Session & Hero Session
    Greetings all! I'm new here and have a question regarding the Session, please bear with me. I'd like to start off why I'm asking this question. I am an avid world traveller. I typically travel in the back of the plane where it's more interesting as I am a plane spotter. (A plane spotter is...
  8. Advice on storage options for GoPro Session

    GoPro General Discussions
    Hi all, In just over a month I'm going to Nepal for 3 weeks, and I'm very worried that without spending a ridiculous amount of money I'll be unable to record my time there. My main concerns are storage and battery life, as I'm unable to bring a laptop and will have limited access to electricity...
  9. GoPro Session video looks like slowmo

    GoPro Hero 5 Session & Hero Session
    Hello, I shot video yesterday in 1080p / 60 wide. fps and it seems to randomly go into what looks like slowmo or something. I shot in 1440 a week ago and every video was perfect. I am playing it on my 24" imac: Processor Name: Intel Core i5 Processor Speed: 3.1 GHz Number of Processors: 1...
  10. Gopro Session Firmware Download

    GoPro Hero 5 Session & Hero Session
    As my records so in case I ever need to revert back, if and when I can do so I shall post a video showing a how to. Hero Session Firmware FW 2.0 Hero Session Firmware FW 1.50 this is fw not sure which one as I am...
  11. Session PT Flat? - Answered

    GoPro Hero 5 Session & Hero Session
    Hello, Has anyone here successfully got the flat picture profile working on their Session? I'd really like to be able to get a flat picture out of my new Session, rather than the Gopro Color profile. I've found several sources of bits of info on autoexec.ash hacks for the Session but it's...
  12. What did you do today with the Hero 4 Session

    GoPro Hero 5 Session & Hero Session
    What did you do today with your Hero 4 session
  13. Seconds In 4K

    This Video was shot in [email protected], all settings as is. no protune.orspot meter on. In the editor all 168videos splt to 1.0 -1.5 secs and speed to 23.96 fps, transtions cross fades. No color correction or any effects added. Magix 2016 rendered to 4K, WMVHD format, to youtube. Time to render...
  14. Low Profile Frame orientation

    GoPro Hero 5 Session & Hero Session
    Hi. I just bought a Session to use as a commuter friend while on my motorcycle commute. The camera is mounted on the left side of my helmet (from a previous camera mounted there) and I've decided to use the low profile frame to reduce how much of the device is hanging out there. However I...
  15. does anyone know of GoPro case that lets you charge while in use.

    Mounts, Accessories, & Modifications
    Does a handheld motorized gimbal exist that works with the Session? I'm trying to find a handheld motorized gimbal that either has a standard mount or a universal mount that can work with the Session. So far I am having no luck. The only one I found that might work is the Feiyu G4-QD since is...
  16. My DIY GoPro Backpack strap mount :)

    Mounts, Accessories, & Modifications
    I love my gopro mounts but have yet to find a real backpack one so decided to hack one together. I have a GoPro Hero4 Session but this should work for any camera. >:) Basically I used an extra generic GoPro headband mount and a strap and some hack skills and came up with this. Full...