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  1. Hero 5 Black. Set to record max, records 53 minutes, everything after says unable to

    GoPro Service Corner
    Hello all, I have a GoPro 5 Black that I recently installed a 128Gb card onto. I wanted to record 8 hours of footage so I set it to max, 1080p @ 60fps and left. I came back the next day and it had successfully recorded 53 minutes on one clip, then had another clip that said unable to view. I...
  2. GoPro Quik is wiping SD cards - and GoPro staff don't care

    GoPro Quik
    GoPro's Quik software has a serious error, which wipes content from SD cards without warning. Like most media import software, Quik has a 'delete after import' function, which saves users a little time. Unfortunately, Quik runs this function even if it hasn't successfully imported all media...
  3. Hero2 won't read SD Card

    GoPro Original & Hero 2
    I have a Hero2 that won't read the sd card. Camera got slightly wet. Placed in rice bag and a piece of rice got stuck in the sd card housing. I think something got mangled inside when I tried to get it out. Can I replace just the SD card housing or open it up to see if it is mangled? I took...
  4. Cannot drag files to SD card

    GoPro Hero 3, 3+ & 4
    Hi Just got a Hero 3 and I am trying to update the wifi and software. I did everything up until unzipping the Update folder. Once I unzipped it I am unable to drag the files from the update folder to my SD card. I have a Mac Help! Thanks
  5. Troubled New GoPro Hero3+ BE Owner

    Introductions & New Members
    Just bought my GoPro yesterday and having troubles with install, and hoping for some help. Hello by the way! Look forward to sharing. I know this area is to introduce myself but figure what the heck maybe someone can point me in the right direction. Live near San Francisco and hoping to meet...
  6. New Hero3 user

    GoPro Hero 3, 3+ & 4
    Hello, I am new to GoPro and received a H3. Shot video only on recent trip. Now, can't access any of the files on my compute by direct connection to the cam, connected to usb port on tv...nada, and even tried using a card reader which show no files! HELP! I have 2 cards with videos on them but...