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  1. First Time GoPro Owner Here

    Introductions & New Members
    Hey Guys, My name is Matt, I just picked up GoPro Hero 4 Silver. I wanted to start filming scuba diving, outdoor activity's and my dogs, and am really looking forward to making some awesome videos. I look forward to sharing experiences and learning about yours as well. Thanks for having...
  2. 1 year in the Philippines

    General video , photos and Other
    Made this to celebrate our first year in the Philippines. It's a beautiful place with lots to do
  3. DOLPHINS playing with the bow wave

  4. Day in the Life of a Dive Centre

    General video , photos and Other
  5. Hero+ Dive Accessories

    GoPro Hero & Hero+
    Are there any dive accessories for the Hero+ ? All of the searches I've done online, dive stores, and Amazon only talk about Hero 3/3+, 4, 5, etc... I'm think some of the platforms and arms are all universal, so no problem there. I'm looking for a Red lens filter attachment at minimum, but...
  6. Fishing in Coral Bay, Western Australia

    Hello Everyone! Just registered as a member after viewing some really good talent out there! I'm inspired. So long as I have a go pro close by, I'm having fun. Taken on the Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia:
  7. Scuba Diving in Hagerman, Idaho

    We don't have any ocean water in this state so we're regulated to diving in a lake, pond or river. After about 15 years off from diving I decided to take a plunge into a crystal clear lake/pond with my HERO 3+ Black. I wasn't sure what settings to use as I don't have any filters and the wouldn't...
  8. Short vid. Scuba Diving La Jolla Cove, CA

    General video , photos and Other
  9. What Res/FPS for Scuba diving?

    GoPro Hero 3, 3+ & 4
    Hello, I just got my Hero3+ Black, with scuba wrist strap, and the switchblade lens with red filter and macro lense. I plan to use it next month on my trip. I read through the manual to see what some of the recommend settings on based on the activity. I wanted to get others feedback on...
  10. Cancun dive using my new Z Gear scuba mount

    Check out this sweet over the shoulder veiw from the Z Gear scuba mount. If Gary would have put the mount on his left shoulder you won't see his regulator hose but overall it's a smooth video. No jerky movement from the head mount. visit for more details