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  1. Need help. Corrupted Hero 5 files!!!

    GoPro Hero, Hero 5, Hero 6, Fusion
    Hi everyone in the forums, I shot some clips for a client today with Hero5 Black at 2.7K 60fps. I tried to download the footage but found the memory card was corrupted. After using a recovery software I have seemed to manage to get some files back but still can't read them. I have found some...
  2. Lost Files On GoPro Hero 3+ Silver

    GoPro Service Corner
    Hi. Help! Just recently bought my GoPro and used it on holiday. Whilst transferring my files from the GoPro to my computer there was some sort of I/O error. I reconnected my GoPro to my computer and the folder structure was abnormally named and my files had all disappeared. I've used various...
  3. FPV Quadcopter Awesome Crash in River and Scuba Diver Recovery

    General video , photos and Other
    Hi All, Oh dear, my Quadcopter spent over 24hrs at the bottom of a river. Here are the results of the recovered footage and how the flight was meant to happen. Best viewed full screen @1080p Well after a good cleaning with distilled water and many days drying out...