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  1. GoPro Hero 7 & Hero 8
    Hi, I would like with a GoPro 8 (or 7) to do, while recording, a double live preview at the same time : 1. on TV via HDMI cable 2. on smartphone without cable via the GoProQuik app (I know this is not possible with the GoPro 9 because live preview via the app is not possible while recording on...
  2. GoPro Hero 9
    Hello, I have a problem with capturing sound in a vertical position. It sounds like the camera is closed in a waterproof case. I assume the wind reduction is on even though I manually turned it off. Everything works in horizontal position. Is anyone heve the same issue? Is there any fix?
  3. GoPro Hero 7 & Hero 8
    Ok this may have been a little naive of me to assume it could do this but come on , I don't think I've ever owned a digital camera that couldn't. I've just got my Hero 8 and thought it would be an upgrade from my Yi 4K+ but maybe I was wrong. I usually attach a huge backup battery to my action...
  4. GoPro Hero 5 & Hero 6,
    Hi all, Looking for goof night time settings. New job means ill be coming home at night, and I use my HERO 5 as a helmet cam. I tried increasing the ISO to the max however it was really grainy. Does anyone have any good settings for night time? I'm no expecting amazing results just...
  5. GoPro Hero, Hero 2, Hero 3, & Hero 4
    I have my Hero4 Session for a while now, and it is an amazing camera. I have filmed a couple video's in my glider when flying and now I'm going to do a cross country flight of a couple hours, so I turned the resolution and framerate down from 1080p60 to 720p30, and found out I can still only...
  6. Motorsports / Watersports / Extreme Sports
    Please use your headphone.
  7. Video Editing Software General Questions
    Hi guys I have been searching for a solution for some time now but can't find anything that fits my (exact) needs. I'm a volleyball trainer and I would like to help my players with video analysis. Here is what I want to do: 10-20sec delayed live feedback During practice I want to have a...
  8. GoPro Hero, Hero 2, Hero 3, & Hero 4
    I just bought my a Gopro (2nd hand) and it came with something settled to record only 10 seconds. Does anyone knows how to change it on settings???
1-8 of 8 Results