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  1. My first time: KTM X-BOW

    I finally had opportunity to drive the KTM X-Bow. It is very powerful car with great braking and traction. Gearbox is the weak point of this car.
  2. Slalom/autocross race

    4th from 105 drivers. Not bad, but could be better. Results: I'm leading the championship overall :grin: It is really hard to adapt quickly to this car when I use BMW 130i CUP more often
  3. Close racing with two cameras /// Lausitzring

    Hello, I finally had two cameras mounted during the sprint race and here is the video I made. I added some external footage and timelapse to have less stereotype video. Please, tell me your opinions. Thank you.
  4. 40-something Mom, Race Car Driver

    Follow me as I document my first crapcan wheel-to-wheel endurance road race - Lemons at Barber Motorsports Park, Feb 6-7 2015. I'm using my GoPro to document the race.
  5. Maria, using GoPro in motorsports

    Introductions & New Members
    I use my GoPro in the car for race footage, and I'll use some stills for a photo book that I'm putting together. Maria
  6. FPV Racing Mini Quadcopters Win/Fail

    Hi All, Here are some Win and Fail shots from our day racing mini Quadcopters. West Devon saw a group of FPV pilots meet for some excellent FPV Racing of mini Quadcopters, the weather was ideal and the garden a perfect place to setup a track to try and avoid hitting obstacles. We all had so...