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protune settings
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  1. GoPro Hero 9
    Hello all, I took my new Hero 9 out and did some test footage on a hike in different lighting, different resolutions/frame rates, etc. just to get a feel for it. Watching videos before going out, I gathered that I should do sharpness at low and add the sharpness in post-processing, same with...
  2. GoPro Hero 9
    So basically I make driving videos. I've been using the GoPro Hero 7 Black for a long time and I've had no issues related to the ones that I'm facing with the GoPro Hero 9 Black. When using the GoPro Hero 9 Black, I have come across two different problems. #1: I have tried every stabilization...
  3. Hero 8
    I have a unique setup/application and am seeking the advice from the GoPro community.I appreciate that many of you may be very skilled photographers and are experienced with manually adjusting GoPro Protune settings for different environments. I hope I am not asking to much, and would...
1-3 of 3 Results