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  1. GoPro Service Corner
    When I download my videos onto my laptop and play them they are glitchy/choppy at certain parts. Am I doing something wrong?? I have tried playing the video through windows media player, the laptops default video player and through GoPro Player. The GoPro Player freezes up and I have to end...
  2. GoPro Service Corner
    I'm having issues with videos from my recent trip snowboarding. The recording is in 1440p and have been imported to my PC. The problem is the playback speed is faster than it should be. I've tried viewing it the videos on different media players including editing software such as gopro studio...
  3. GoPro Hero to Hero 5
    im using a san disk 64gb class 10 microsd its recording fine and can watch on my computer but when I connect to my tv through the usb port it wont evan display on the tv. I think its cause its in format exFat rather than Fat32 iv tried my mates 16gb micro sd card and it works fine. Has any one...
1-3 of 3 Results