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    Check out my short trip to Alaska!
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    New member. Just purchased a Hero 4 Silver last week. This is my first Gopro camera. I could afford to purchase the Black but I liked having the screen and the Silver will do the job. I purchased the Gopro for two reasons. The main purpose is to use it as a dash-cam replacement. In...
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    Hi All, Here is the first flight I have done using the Spanky around another quad, it was a beautiful day for flying apart from the wind but that didn't stop the fun. Its quite clear to see what footage was from our GoPro's compared to the Mobius shots but in its defence I had not balanced the...
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    Flying my DJI Phantom Drone with my Hero 2 over LSU Tiger Stadium.
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    Can't wait for this Gimbal to be released for the gopro!!!!! Pretty cool website I just ordered the Phantom can't wait to fly my Gopro
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    Got to grab the odd random sunny day with minimal wind, managed to get out and film the old girl. Is that C3P0 keeping lookout?