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petr dolezal

  1. Kartcross 2016

    Hello, I bought a Kartcross buggy for this season and I´m trying to make shorter and more interesting videos. Tell me your opinions, thank you! HUMPOLEC 2016
  2. KTM X-BOW GT4 = Fighter Aircraft?

    My first experience with the "fighter aircraft" KTM X-BOW GT4! Tomorrow, team RTR Projects will fight in the 12H race at Brno circuit with this car. No. 80 -
  3. My first time: KTM X-BOW

    I finally had opportunity to drive the KTM X-Bow. It is very powerful car with great braking and traction. Gearbox is the weak point of this car.
  4. First experience with the KartCross buggy

    My very first experience with autocross on an unknown track for me. I was careful but after few laps I could go much faster!
  5. Caterham R500 // Cardan stopped the great fun

    I rented the Caterham R500 again and It wasn't successful race and I made a bad footage because of the mirror. I hope the video is not bad also...
  6. Slalom/autocross race

    4th from 105 drivers. Not bad, but could be better. Results: I'm leading the championship overall :grin: It is really hard to adapt quickly to this car when I use BMW 130i CUP more often
  7. What a RACE!

    This was one of my best race I ever had. Pannonia Ring + Crazy Slovak drivers = What a RACE! I used 3 camera views (in one moment) and I would like to know your opinions/criticism. Thank you :)