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  1. Turn on GoPro 3+ with pin 12 doesn't work?

    GoPro Hero 3, 3+ & 4
    Hello, I am using a GoPro 3+ and would like to turn it on externally. I have looked online and found that if you pull pin 12 on the 30 pin connector to ground, then the GoPro will turn on. I have tried connecting pin 12 to pin 1 and to pin 30 this several times and the GoPro will not turn on...
  2. GoPro app not working on ios9

    GoPro Service Corner
    My GoPro App has stopped working since I upgraded to the Apple iOS 9 beta on my iPhone In the iPhone's Wifi settings, I can connect to my camera fine but when I go into the app, it's not connecting to allow me to see the preview Anyone in a similar situation and found a fix? Things I've...