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  1. SD card can't be formatted!!! Help!!!

    Hero 7 Black/Silver/White
    :frown: Hi folks, I'm a new user to GoPro and I recently bought my 7 black along with a 256GB samsung evo plus memory card. This card is recommended by Gopro on their list. The PROBLEM: When i insert the card, Gopro pop up a error message and tells me to format the card. FINE, I press format...
  2. Need help choosing a GoPro, please

    GoPro General Discussions
    Hey guys, I just registered here in the hope that you lovely people can help me figure out which GoPro is right for me. :smile: Let me tell you why I want a GoPro in the first place: I'll be doing the Camino de Santiago soon, walking from the Northeast of France all the way to the Northwest of...
  3. Camera says memory card is full when it's not.

    GoPro Original & Hero 2
    I recorded 9 videos on my Hero2 and it said the memory card was full. I've had this problem before but it went away after i turned the camera off and turned it back on. Anyone have any idea what causes this and if there's a way to prevent it? Thanks.