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  1. GoPro Hero 7 & Hero 8
    I have a GPH8 BLK as well as the Media Mod. I am trying to connect the GP as a webcam through the Media Mod. I need the media mod to line out to my DJ Mixer since GP stripped that basic feature from their cameras and charge people for the use of audio???...pretty lame. I need to be able to use...
  2. GoPro Hero 10
    From what I recall, shouldn't quikcapture work right away after the beeps? I hear the beeps and I start talking and then look at my footage later and every conversation I start is cut off by a couple seconds because it doesn't start recording until a couple seconds AFTER the beep. This is only...
  3. GoPro Hero 10
    Hero 10 turns on while charging it through the Media Mod. Why is that? and or what is the solutions please?
  4. GoPro Hero 9
    Please please someone help! I bought a gopro (locally off someone) and all is perfect. I bought a media mod to add an external mic however its not recognised and also a mic adapter won't work either. Gopro won't fix it as I don't have a receipt. I've done the updates manually too and it's on...
  5. GoPro Hero 9
    Hello Is there a way to get stereo audio input into a gopro hero 9? I know the media mod has a 3.5mm connector - it's not clear to me if it's a mono or stereo connector. Would this be possible to do via the usb port?
1-5 of 5 Results