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  1. GoPro Quik
    Hi, I'm new here. :smile: I recently purchased a Gopro Hero Session for our family holiday in the Philippines. I wanted to create lots of great videos for our 3 year old son to look back on in years to come. My laptop is really old and running Windows XP. I'm looking to get a laptop that I can...
  2. Video Editing Software
    I have had a GoPro Hero2 for a while but have never done any video editing. I'm shopping for a laptop or desktop computer to accomplish this. Just basic internet, email and nothing special, in addition to video editing. GoPro gives the minimum specs for what a computer needs to run GoPro Studio...
  3. Video Editing Software
    Hi guys I have been searching for a solution for some time now but can't find anything that fits my (exact) needs. I'm a volleyball trainer and I would like to help my players with video analysis. Here is what I want to do: 10-20sec delayed live feedback During practice I want to have a...
1-3 of 3 Results