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  1. FPV Racing Mini Quadcopters Win/Fail

    Hi All, Here are some Win and Fail shots from our day racing mini Quadcopters. West Devon saw a group of FPV pilots meet for some excellent FPV Racing of mini Quadcopters, the weather was ideal and the garden a perfect place to setup a track to try and avoid hitting obstacles. We all had so...
  2. FPV Spanky Danescombe Valley Paper Mill

    Hi All, I managed to get two full flights done at this beautiful location (the full flight shown was my second flight), the air was very calm inside the ruins but unpredictable near the windows and walls. I had so much fun flying through the windows but some had to be left alone due to plants...
  3. FPV Spanky Cottage Playground Full

    General video , photos and Other
    Hi All, Here's the harsh cuts of some of the flights I did around the beautiful Cornish garden recently. Warning there is some close proximity flying to myself and spotter (not trying to feed the trolls here) that I suggest no one else do as it was very risky but we both accepted full...
  4. FPV Close Proximity Cottage Playground

    General video , photos and Other
    Hi All, Here is the warm up video for some of the most fun I have had FPV, its very rare I get to spend too long at any one location so its hard to learn the area to get some nice routes. The flight is the first one in that location on the day and I'm just getting warmed up after a long drive...
  5. FPV Spanky flying circles round a DJI Phantom

    General video , photos and Other
    Hi All, Here is the first flight I have done using the Spanky around another quad, it was a beautiful day for flying apart from the wind but that didn't stop the fun. Its quite clear to see what footage was from our GoPro's compared to the Mobius shots but in its defence I had not balanced the...
  6. FPV Quadcopter Whiteworks Fun Run

    General video , photos and Other
    Hi All, What an amazing site, there are old tin mining pits all over the place and plenty of ruins to fly around via FPV. This site dates back to 1180 as farm land and then the tin mining started around 1790 to fuel the industrial revolution. This day's flight started with a prop breaking mid...
  7. FPV Quadcopter Shooting The Breeze

    General video , photos and Other
    Hi All, Here is a quick flight I did late in the day around Cadover Bridge on Dartmoor in Devon, the sun had already dropped below the hill but that didn't stop the fun. Best viewed full screen 1080p
  8. FPV Quadcopter Merrivale Quarry 2

    Hi All, Here is a revisit to a location I flew when I first started to fly quadcopters back in August 2012. Its a disused quarry on Dartmoor, the stone from this quarry made the Falklands War Memorial at Port Stanley on the Falkland islands. Video and radio signal stayed constant while playing...
  9. Under Current: FPV Quadcopter Crashes in River

    General video , photos and Other
    Hi All, Well I managed to sink the Quadcopter again in the pursuit of the perfect shot lol. This day was one of those days where nothing was going right, I had already hit about 8 objects during my flight due to many factors, going too fast, not knowing the area, bad light but it all came to an...
  10. FPV Quadcopter Forestry Run Fun 2

    General video , photos and Other
    Hi All, A quick revisit to this stunning woods turned out to be great fun. I was convinced that I would be taking the quad home in broken twisted parts but luckily not a single prop was damaged, maybe I just wasn't going fast enough lol. The woods are part of the Great Devon Consols which has...
  11. FPV Qaudcopter Cotehele Playgound

    General video , photos and Other
    Hi All, Here is a few FPV flight I got to do after work one day. CamSump and I ventured off to Cotehele in Calstock, Cornwall. Its a beautiful house and grounds but we did not pay to enter the grounds as it was about to close as we arrived. It was very wind on this day which made me nervous...
  12. FPV Quadcopter 'hits' the beach!

    Hi All, Sorry for the pun in the title but the quad did actually collided with the beach more than once this day. Full cloud cover and a strong breeze didn't stop the fun at Blackpool Sands. A few flights were had before even going near the sea after my last experience where I lost my quad for...
  13. FPV Quadcopter Prince of Wales mine works adventure

    Hi All, Now that the evenings are starting to get lighter, me and a few friends had the first "after work" flight of the year. I have never been to these ruins of old Cornish mine buildings so decided to explore via FPV. I used some smaller and lighter Lipo batteries for more performance on...