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  1. Hero 3 Black and Hero 4 Black. Same lens?

    GoPro General Discussions
    Hi everyone, I've got a scratch on my Hero 4 Black lens and I was wondering if I can switch it with the lens I've got on an old Hero 3 Black Edition. I don't use the Hero 3 anymore so that would be perfect. Do you guys know if it will fit and if the quality / aperture are exactly the same...
  2. Slow mo test, pretty impressive (as pigeons go)

    General video , photos and Other
    A few months ago, just a quick local walk looking for a good reason to test the slow motion on my new Hero4 Black, found these guys, turned out nice!
  3. Importing Problems...

    GoPro Service Corner
    Hello, and good day to you i have a gopro hero 4 silver and i recently recorded a 40 min video in 720p 60fps. it plays fine on the gopro itself however when i attemp to export the video only the first 11 minutes or so is exported yet the files size stays as if it were 40 mins long. i'm running...
  4. Hero4 - Japan Trip POV HD (Musical Clip)

    My first video with Hero4, edited GoProStudio and I really wanted to share with you. I hope you like it. Greetings and certainly recommend this trip:wink:
  5. gopro hero4 silver bricked

    GoPro Service Corner
    Hello, I recently bought a GoPro Hero 4 Silver. It worked fine for 2 days, after wich it became unstable. First it started with the menu crashing, resulting in me having to turn it of holding down the power button for 8 seconds. At first this fixed the problem. A couple of days later the...
  6. Hero4 Videos Pixelated

    GoPro Service Corner
    Hi, I´m from Brazil. Sorry for my English. I have a Hero4 Black and sometimes my videos comes with pixelated areas. I have a Sandisk Extreme PRO card. Take a look these videos: Anyone had this problem before? Tks Darcio
  7. Hero 4 Black or Silver

    GoPro Hero 3, 3+ & 4
    which one do you prefer?
  8. hero 4 batteries are unreliable and inconsistent

    GoPro Service Corner
    I don't understand this at all. I have the hero4 Black and 4 extra batteries for it (5 total) plus the battery bacpac...I also have the double battery charger and everything is legit GoPro brand. What I don't get is I can charge batteries on the charger until they are showing full (light turns...
  9. GoPro Importer on OS X doesn't recognize Hero4 Black on USB

    GoPro Service Corner
    I'm seeing problems trying to use the GoPro Importer with my Hero 4 Silver on an Macbook Pro running OS X. In particular, the first time I plug the camera into the USB port the Importer will launch and will download the media from the camera, but when I do the same thing again later it won't...
  10. Random Garbled Status Screen on Hero4BE

    GoPro Service Corner
    Hi All, Im new here and I would like to check if anyone is experiencing this issue and if so what needs to be done. Should I demand for a replacement? I only have it for 2 days. This randomly happens and when you turn it off and on it be back to normal. I freezes up when this happens. Inputs...
  11. Partially blurred image w/Hero4 Black

    GoPro Hero 3, 3+ & 4
    Hey guys. I recently swapped out my stock lens with a 5.4mm lens from Peau Productions to give my GoPro a more traditional field of view for use with my DJI drone. Anyways the image from my GoPro is now blurred on the left half while the right side is very in focus. My sensor does not appear...
  12. Hero4 update failure

    GoPro Service Corner
    G'day On connecting my camera to a MacBook Pro the Studio program advised me of a software update. I went ahead following each step carefully but during the process the GoPro Hero4 Black powered down and now won't boot up again. Any advice from you experts out there ? Thanks in advance...
  13. GoPro Hero 4

    GoPro Hero 3, 3+ & 4
    Interview with a GoPro PR person over in Europe gives us a little insight into whats next for GoPro. Circumstances demand a new Hero with Garman hopping into the mosh with the VIRB and VIRB Elite. "We work very, very hard on improving everything, improving the software, improving the product...