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  1. Greetings & Introductions
    Hello people, I'm Gharbi Adlen from Algeria (north africa) I'm a spearfisher, a nature lover and a web developer. I'm willing to share with you all of my adventures with my GoPro Hero 4 Silver in this beautifull country named Algeria :smile: PS. Salam is an arabic word that means Peace 0:)
  2. GoPro Original, Hero 2 to Hero 4
    I'm recording videos of aesthetic procedures. the camera is the 10 cm distance of the person's face. the video is blurred and indistinct. How do I record quality videos within walking distance.
  3. GoPro Original, Hero 2 to Hero 4
    Hi everyone! I really need your help on this one! So after finishing editing one clip from several small videos in GoPro Studio from trip in Japan. The software has suddenly decided to crash at all the time I've tried to convert the rest of the videos for part 2 par3 for my video diary. I've...
  4. General video , photos, Timelapse and Other
    Hi! I just got the Hero4 Silver and made a little POV skate edit. Check it out and enjoy!
  5. GoPro Service Corner
    Hi, i have a Hero4 Silver. If I insert the original Combo cable in, the screen turns off. It's normal? I don't think so. I have read that with the cable in, you can use the cam to record videos. It also happen to me (with the screen off I can record) but I cannot see what I record!!! Please...
  6. GoPro Original, Hero 2 to Hero 4
    Hi all, I am a new gopro user and just got a new hero 4 silver. I was trying to make a video lapse and everything looks ok. After recording i was able to watch the video on the gopro lcd. But when i export the video to the PC and i run it in mediaplayer a popup error appears : mediaplayer...
  7. GoPro Original, Hero 2 to Hero 4
    which one do you prefer?
  8. GoPro Service Corner
    Hello all I last used the GoPro on Friday afternoon with no issues. I was left in the glove box yesterday. I brought it in to charge, and it will not. I have also turn it on, with no success. With the battery in the camera, the area in the front where it says "Hero4" gets very warm. I have...