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hero4 black
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  1. GoPro Service Corner
    Hello all Hope someone can point me in right direction. Hero 4 Black getting halos around bright part of image image in user gallery under hero4 halo issue. Halo around all bright parts of images, especially lights. Have cleaned exterior lens, doesnt help, tried with protune on and off, exp...
  2. GoPro Hero to Hero 5
    which one do you prefer?
  3. GoPro Service Corner
    Worked initially for a few short videos. Now when I start recording the screen freezes (even in 1080). I have a Class 1 card and have reformatted it. I have the latest firmware. Camera often tells me it is BUSY and the only way i can stop this is to take out the battery. Will buy a faster card...
1-3 of 4 Results