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  1. Hero 8 and 7 Black Models
    Hi, I am hiking allot and taking allot of GoPro footage, I have allot of experience w/ GoPro (video link needs 5 posts) I have an old GoPro HERO 3+ and a HERO 7 Black I have bought about 4 month ago. While the HERO7 produce awesome stable video it is hard to operate and error prone. The...
  2. GoPro General Discussions
    I just wanted to share with you guys an awesome price on a gopro that I found. If you go to, and search for Gopro Hero3+ You'll find it for just $199! Go to verizonwireless dot com, and search for Gopro hero3+ In order to see the price you need to add it to your cart. You...
  3. GoPro Original, Hero 2, Hero 3, 3+ & 4
    Thought i would share the Hero3+ Intro For GoPro Hero3+ Videos. its on my youtube heres a link check it out! please subscribe or like if you have a YouTube. Click Link To Go To YouTube Watch Page and Link To Download is in The Description Box