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  1. General Videos/Photos/TimeLapse's
    This was the first time I attempted to edit GoPro Hero 9 footage alongside iPhone 13 HDR footage, to generate and output an HDR clip for YouTube. I won't lie and say it was easy, but there were a lot of things I learned along the way that really helped, and I think I could do it MUCH quicker...
  2. General Videos/Photos/TimeLapse's
    Hey everyone, I finally finished a new video from our trip this past summer to Durango, Colorado. All clips except for 3 are shot with the GoPro Hero 9 - can you pick out which 3 are from an iPhone? Okay, the portrait mode ones are easy... but can you tell the other shot on iPhone? Every video...
  3. GoPro Hero 10 And Hero 9
    Hey everyone, Here's another video that I put together from my latest hike. I've been trying to put together some of the suggestions on here from previous videos, as well as add a little more creative touch to it. I utilized more time warps this time around, as well as used the 3-way 2.0...
  4. GoPro Hero 10 And Hero 9
    See the video in the link: Every few seconds this TV static looking flicker would interrupt the footage. This has been happening for a little while now, although the footage interruptions haven't been as bad after some time. I shot 1080p 30fps on a hero 9 with a U3 extreme sandisk micro SD...
  5. GoPro Hero 10 And Hero 9
    We took the GoPro on our first road trip from Colorado to Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri, and I wanted to attempt my first cinematic video using the footage I captured. I'm not sure that I did a great job and think maybe I need some more slo-mo footage to get the feel that I was wanting, but I'll...
  6. GoPro Hero 10 And Hero 9
    Hey everyone, I ordered the floaty case for our upcoming trip to the lake, and I was especially drawn to it because of the secondary tether anchor point on the case. However, I can’t find anything online about the best way to use this anchor point to tether the camera. Does anyone have...
  7. GoPro Hero 10 And Hero 9
    Hello all, I took my new Hero 9 out and did some test footage on a hike in different lighting, different resolutions/frame rates, etc. just to get a feel for it. Watching videos before going out, I gathered that I should do sharpness at low and add the sharpness in post-processing, same with...
  8. GoPro Hero 10 And Hero 9
    Hey Guys, when i am running i usually carry the camera in my hydration vest or waist belt. I am living in a tropical country so i get drained everytime i run. It seems like the quality of the image gets really bad, just with a little fog, or sweat on it. So usually i carry some wipes and wipe...
  9. GoPro Hero 10 And Hero 9
    Here is the firmwares for download:
  10. GoPro Hero 10 And Hero 9
    my comparison video of the new Hero 9 vs DJI:
  11. GoPro Hero 10 And Hero 9
    here comes my unboxing video of the new Hero 9:
1-12 of 12 Results