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  1. Hero 8
    Hi all, my Hero 8 had been without issues for 15 months but of late, random amounts of audio are missing from video recordings. When playing back the clips, the audio just ceases and then slowly resume whatever random about of time (10s, 30s, 1min, ...) later. This has happened to a bunch of...
  2. Hero 8
    Heelo everyone, i am organising a 2 months - 8 hours per day time lapse and i need any help i can get! Anyone with long term time lapse experience can clarify some points would be highly appreciated... I am planning to power my 2 hero 8 with 3m usb cables to power socket in the wall - Would...
  3. Hero 8
    I use my GoPro Hero 8 in the sea, and the lens will keep drips on it. So, when you take your next vid/pic there’s a blurry bit right in the middle. is there any thing you can put on the lens so it clears it’s self. hope this makes sense. cheers paje
1-3 of 3 Results