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  1. BATTERY ISSUE OF GOPRO 7, IS it fixed Yet

    Introductions & New Members
    Hi Members, I was just planning to upgrade to gp7, came across multiple user issues with battery drain in gp7. Just wondering if the issue is fixed or I need to check for another option. Battery is a priority for me during vlogs. Any leads will be highly appriciated. Thanks
  2. one day in bali

    Hi everybody I hope you are well during this quarantine. I take this opportunity to take you with me for a day under the sun in Bali. Take care of yourself
  3. How to see the filename of a photo?

    GoPro General Discussions
    Hi, i have to shoot a series of photos with a GoPro7 and it would be important to know the filename (or the number of the taken photo) directly after i have shot it? Background: I have to document 900 different points in a great hall and I need a clear identification of every photo. The...
  4. Video looks like oil painting

    Hero 7 Black/Silver/White
    Many of my videos lack detail and have an oil painting effect - is this a problem with my camera or is it normal? (Hero 7 black)
  5. GoPro 7 accessories advise needed - MTB mount, helmet mount, diving case...

    Mounts, Accessories, & Modifications
    Ciao a tutti, my very first action cam will be coming in little more than a week and beginning of Nov might test it during a mountain bike ride in middle Italy; we, my son and I, are waiting for the 7 Black to land and as such would need your advise on necessary accessories which for me are a...
  6. Ciao a tutti

    Introductions & New Members
    Hello everybody, I am a passionate photographer since years, just (...) an amateur but never took the ActionCam route and since with my son we are planning a mountain bike ride shortly and a journey to the Alps next winter we thought we should have given an action cam a chance and as such in...