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    Hello, I keep looking for this amazing fragrance that was on the package of GoPro 4, possibly back in 2015 I think. Obviously I am not an expert but I am trying to guess notes here: pine tree, lavender, a bit zesty, chrome, charcoal, metallic, some berry hint. Extracting smells so pungy...
  2. Motorsports Powersports Watersports Extreme Sports
    Hi everyone, Just bought a Feiyu Tecg Gimbal WG2 and tested on my car. Pretty good stabilizer for such money. Filmed on GoPro Hero 4 black edition Link:
  3. GoPro Service Corner
    Hello, currently I have a GoProHero 4 Silver. I've had it for 10 months now. At first I bought a Maxwell 64GB sd card but it crashed because it wasn't meant for gopro(I guess). Recently I bought SandDisk ULTRA PLUS sd card but my go pro was still showing SD ERR on the screen. None of my...
  4. Snow
    Hey everyone, let's see my new winter video! Hope you'll like it!
1-4 of 4 Results