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  1. I need a bare minimum laptop to run gopro. Looking for suggestions

    GoPro Quik
    Hi, I'm new here. :smile: I recently purchased a Gopro Hero Session for our family holiday in the Philippines. I wanted to create lots of great videos for our 3 year old son to look back on in years to come. My laptop is really old and running Windows XP. I'm looking to get a laptop that I can...
  2. Clips load but wont show in the playback window

    GoPro Quik
    I recently tried to edit a few clips from a drone flight and after importing the clips to gopro studio, they load but will not show up in the bigger window where you can make adjustment to starting and stopping points. I have edited clips before and have not had this trouble. I have had this...
  3. Can't edit my videos in GoPro Studio

    GoPro Quik
    I imported my GoPro videos from the camera into my Mac. Now I'm trying to edit my videos in GoPro Studio and I can't pick them from the GoPro video folder. The files appear in the folder but the file name look like "grey" and I can't pick them to import. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks for...
  4. No Audio GoPro Studio at the cut points of the clip

    GoPro General Discussions
    I had this problem and I'm just sharing how to fix it. I just simply reinstalled gopro using a new installer and opened it with my NVIDIA graphics processor. I think the reason why the problem occured was because I downloaded the file using my school's wifi which blocked certain things.
  5. Can't change password on Hero 2 Wifi Bacpac

    GoPro Service Corner
    I just bought a GoPro Hero 2 with the wifi bacpac. But the seller has forgotten the wifi password. I've seen the suggestion on GoPro's website to do the following: Open GoPro Studio connect your Wi-Fi BacPac via USB Open the "Device Window" by selecting Help > Device Window...
  6. Want Raw Camera Output Footage

    Video Editing Software
    Hi - I do not actually own a GoPro camera. But, this summer I will renting several in order to document a shooting competition. I have downloaded and installed (Windows 7 / 64 bit -PC) GoPro Studio and want to learn and practice processing GoPro video. I need some "as it comes off the SD card"...
  7. System Crashes because of CPU overload

    GoPro Quik
    Hi Folks, This is my first post in this forum. I recently got my hands on Gopro Hero4 black edition. I shot videos with default settings: 1080p, 60fps. My laptop config is core i5, 2.93ghz processor with windows 8. I open gorpo studio and imported the files. I selected the portions I wanted...
  8. Cineform conversion & Studio crashes

    GoPro Quik
    I have been constantly having issues with GoPro Studio. Cineform crashes when trying to convert simple images, and often distorts the ones it does convert. Studio freezes up during editing the more I add text to the storyboard and has to be force stopped and reopened to continue work. I...
  9. GO Pro studio won't open

    GoPro Hero 3, 3+ & 4
    My camera will import my videos just fine but then GOPro Studio won't open. I have tried to open it but nothing happens. This is a big problem beause I have set my camera to delete videos after downloading. So how do I make go pro studio open without loosing those files that I have just uploaded.
  10. GoPro studio crash at save settings (with solution)

    GoPro Quik
    Hi, I encountered a very strange GoPro studio crash issue, and it took a few days for me to solve it, so I would like to share it to save time for others 0:) Since I installed Windows 8 the GoPro studio was crashing if - I opened the "ADVANCED SETTINGS" on the "VIEW & TRIM" page and clicked to...
  11. GoPro clip length is shorter in Premiere Pro

    Video Editing Software
    i have a clip that is over 7mins long that i imported and converted to avi with gopro studio. it plays fine in gopro studio, windows media player and vlc. if i take the converted clip to premiere pro, its only showing up as 8 seconds. here's a video showing the problem:
  12. GoPro Studio, Mac Issue

    Video Editing Software
    Hello, this is my first post so lets hope i'm doing this in the right place. Having Issues with GP Studio and my MacBook Pro. In the studio app when I click on "Import new files" none of the photos or videos I've uploaded into the Photos app on the Mac show up. Basically, I can't do anything...
  13. Tutorial on Screengrabs from GoPro Video

    GoPro General Discussions
    Hi all, I've been asked about high-res screengrabs from GoPro footage and decided to put a small tutorial together - check it out! Screen grabs tutorials Hopefully this is useful for some!
  14. Camera folder name in GoPro Importer

    GoPro Quik
    Hey guys, newbie here! I recently just got myself a GoPro Hero4 Silver and I'm slowly figuring out everything about this camera. From what I've read, GoPro Studio doesn't run too smoothly and it's been crashing on me when I do certain things. Anyway, I have a question about importing stuff to...
  15. Need helps to including photos for GoPro Studio projects?

    Video Editing Software
    Hi I am new in using GoPro Studio, trying to use video clips/photos from GoPro camera and other cameras to make a short trip video. I wanted to use mixed photos and video to make the short trip video. I included about 10 photos during import step, but somehow many were missing during...
  16. GoPro Studio Question

    Introductions & New Members
    Hi! Anyone know if it's possible to select a frame / image to show as the thumb preview for the final mp4 file?
  17. Problem: from gopro studio to YouTube

    Video Editing Software
    Hi there! I have been trying to upload a 2 minute video (mostly underwater shots) to YouTube. Unfortunately, each time I watch the clip in YouTube it is all grainy/unclear. In Gopro studio I have tried using the various exporting options and Handbrake too but haven't been successful. Any help...
  18. Upload HD Video to Youtube. Please Help!!!

    Video Editing Software
    I recorded a decent amount of videos recently, uploaded them to GoPro Studio, used the new edit feature to build a movie, and exported several times into different formats, and then uploaded to YouTube. After I export the video and save it onto my computer, its crystal clear and perfect HD...