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gopro hero 9 black
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  1. GoPro Hero 9
    I accidentally deleted some videos off my go pro and I can't get them back I downloaded some app called disk drill but it isn't finding my go pro even though the go pro is coming up on the computer I am so gutted is there any way for me to get it back please
  2. GoPro Hero 9
    Setup the Hero 9 black for live streaming Twitch. Works great but the lens seems to be set on a wide angle that gives a fisheye look. Can't see anyway to change that to a narrower view. Is there a way or an alternative way to set it up?
  3. GoPro General Discussions
    I recently bought the GoPro 3-way grip. I experienced an issue with the small tripod (from the handle). When folding out the tripod the base is not horizontally leveled. When I mount the camera it is sloping. So the legs are probably not all lowered to the same level but the difference is...
  4. General Videos/Photos/TimeLapse's
    my new video shoot on GoPro Hero 9 Black:
  5. GoPro Hero 9
    So basically I make driving videos. I've been using the GoPro Hero 7 Black for a long time and I've had no issues related to the ones that I'm facing with the GoPro Hero 9 Black. When using the GoPro Hero 9 Black, I have come across two different problems. #1: I have tried every stabilization...
  6. GoPro Hero 9
    my comparison video of the new Hero 9 vs DJI:
  7. GoPro Hero 9
    here comes my unboxing video of the new Hero 9:
1-7 of 7 Results