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  1. GoPro Hero, Hero 2, Hero 3, & Hero 4
    Hello all, how you're doing? I just bought an used GoPro Hero 4 Silver edition. One thing that I couldn't find a solution is a way to flip horizontally DURING the photo shoot or video (not AFTER, after I know how, I need to know how to do during the recording because I`ll use the GoPro to stream...
  2. GoPro Hero, Hero 2, Hero 3, & Hero 4
    I have a brand new go pro and I took it with me to california and I took plenty of really nice videos that appeared to be just solid videos when I would play them back on my GoPro Hero 4 Silver, but when I uploaded them to my computer today I notice they are almost like blurry stop and go videos...
1-2 of 2 Results