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  1. Watersports
    Hello everyone, today I show you the Herault canyon, located in the south of France, aboard my canoe with my GoPro black 7! Enjoy!!!
  2. Hero 8
    Hello folks, new guy Thanks for providing this forum and making everything easy because I tried the original gopro community and it was a disaster. Lots of signing in errors from them and so on. So I have been very curious about knowing this... What's the farthest distance in meters for hero 7...
  3. GoPro Hero 6, hero 7
    Hi! My gopro hero 7 Black seems to duplicate all files that are recorded and so fills up the storage much faster. Both "original" and "duplicate" files are .MP4 files. And they are exact copies of eachother size and information wize. They are named "video 1" and "video 1". Why does it do this...
1-3 of 3 Results