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    Hi ! I've a problem with my Gopro hero 3+ When I charge it, the red light turns on but the battery doesn't charge. Even after several hours. I tried a new battery. No result either. However, it lights up when the charging cable is connected.
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    Hi Guys, Finally got round to making another video After my last video being in the Great Barrier Reef, I've now gone on a dive trip somewhere closer to home! Let me know what you guys think! As always any comments or feedback is greatly appreciated This will probably be my last...
  3. General video , photos and Other
    My brother and I are making videos during our holiday to Australia in both Sydney and Cairns :) Here are the first two videos from our time in Sydney! We are in the process of making our next two videos in Cairns (one of which is us scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef!) I would...