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  1. Snow
    Hello guys, This is our first video, we were having some fun on the slopes of Popova Shapka, Macedonia (if you don't know where Popova Shapka or Macedonia is, you can google it :D :D) It is our first edit so your thoughts and critics are welcome Play it in HD and enjoy!
  2. General video , photos and Other
    Hello every body my name is Baptiste and I am 16 years old. I make vidéos on YouTube with my GoPro and my friends. Today I present my new vidéo on the summer 2015. On the vidéo there are fun, travels, jumps on the beach and in the pool, bike,... I wish you a good time for to look my video. Not...
  3. Destinations
    One of our Travel videos from this winter when we visited Tenerife :D. Enjoy and also comment if you have any suggestions or remarks, I'm new to editing so all info is welcome!
  4. General video , photos and Other
    Hey guys, new to this forum, here is my most recent edit I created using adobe premiere pro 6. It is a compilation of the second half of my summer. Includes boating, biking, waterskiing, flipping, jumping and more. Check it out and leave feed back!
  5. General video , photos and Other
    I just thought I'd share my video of a couple pool parties we had through out the summer at various family friend's BBQs last summer. I haven't done much GoProing this year. Been tied up :0( but I hope you like this vid.
  6. General video , photos and Other
    Hi guys, Just uploaded my latest video of me and my class going on a ski trip. Would love to hear some opinions about the video! Thank you!