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  1. Problems with HERO (2014) and computer connection

    GoPro Hero & Hero+
    Hi all I have the 2014 HERO, the basic entry level camera. It is on firmware version 1.09 and has been for a while. Before I "upgraded" to that, the camera was always recognised by my Windows 10 and 7 laptops as a GoPro. Quik and Studio would import media and all was good. Now the laptops...
  2. Hero 3 Firmware

    GoPro Hero 3, 3+ & 4
    Hi, I am trying to use a Hero 3 for some aerial photography on a Quadcopter but just discovered that the vidoe out to the usb port has been disabled in later firmwares. Does anyone know where I can obtain early Hero 3 Firmware? I have spent hours searching with no luck so any help greatly...
  3. Firmware update failing for Hero3 White

    GoPro Hero 3, 3+ & 4
    Currently have Hero3 White with firmware 03.07. Attempting to update the firmware but fails continuously. Have formatted the SD card in the camera, downloaded the firmware only update, extracted to the card, and attempted to update. Keep seeing the "Update Failed" message on screen and have to...
  4. Does anyone know if firmware will be upgraded for Time lapse.

    GoPro Hero, Hero 5, Hero 6, Fusion
    Hello All I just brought a 52MM PROFESSIONAL 2.2X TELEPHOTO LENS for the Go Pro 5, though the Time Lapse firmware currently only has Wide view which unfortunately shows the sides of the lens in the view screen. Can anyone tell me if there is firmware out for the Go Pro 5 which gives the Time...
  5. Gopro Session Firmware Download

    GoPro Hero 5 Session & Hero Session
    As my records so in case I ever need to revert back, if and when I can do so I shall post a video showing a how to. Hero Session Firmware FW 2.0 Hero Session Firmware FW 1.50 this is fw not sure which one as I am...
  6. Session PT Flat? - Answered

    GoPro Hero 5 Session & Hero Session
    Hello, Has anyone here successfully got the flat picture profile working on their Session? I'd really like to be able to get a flat picture out of my new Session, rather than the Gopro Color profile. I've found several sources of bits of info on autoexec.ash hacks for the Session but it's...
  7. Firmware GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition v2.0

    GoPro Updates
    Please Help, I just updated the latest version (3.0.0) for GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition but need to downgrade to version 2.0.0 and cant find any place to download the files. Best Regards
  8. Feiyu-Tech G4 firmware.

    Mounts, Accessories, & Modifications
    I am thinking of buying a Feiyu-Tech G4 3-way gimbal. I see that its firmware can be updated by only Windows but we have an Apple mac. I don't want to run Windows on our mac but have offers from friends to use their Windows laptops for this. Can anyone tell me - Must the Feiyu-Tech G4 be...
  9. NO Battery leak with new firmware

    GoPro Hero 3, 3+ & 4
    From the day I purchased the GoPro HD Hero 3, the battery (with the cam off and, of course, with wifi off) only lasted two or three days. Now that I have updated with the new firmware it doesnt leak at all. In one week the battery charge level is where it was when I shut down the camera. With...