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    I'm confused why certain micro USB cable doesn't work to power the Hero 4 Silver via the USB connector (there is a battery inside the gopro), when those cables seem to power any other USB device. Other normal non-right-angle cables work to power the gopro fine. The cables I'm wondering about...
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    This is comparison with external mic. TokyoTom, My apologies, but your videos were taken down because you have not satisfied your posting requirements. You received a message with your approved membership that stated that. Perhaps you could go back and read it now? Please post them again...
  3. Mounts, Accessories, & Modifications
    Guys, First post, please be gentle :wink: I've just picked up a Hero4 Silver (today) and am looking to see what can be done to better the internal audio. Has anyone tried the Rode SmartLav+ ? Thanks in advance WBC
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    So, I have two GoPros (Hero 3 Blacks) and one external microphone... Do I need to somehow "turn off" the internal mic on the other GoPro--the one without the ext mic connect to it? .