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  1. gopro studio

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    This has probably been asked before, but here goes. I am editing in gopro studio, never had a problem in the past, successful with other edits. but now I can not export to any format i.e youtube, 1080 hd, or others. When the export reaches 4-5% it crashes with an error and shuts down the...
  2. Go Pro Studio Crashing When trying to Export

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    Go pro studio crashes everytime I try to export. It doesnt matter the file type or file size ( 1GB or 1MB). I have uninstalled and reinstalled the latest version of go pro studio multiple times but am having no luck. Please help! I have attached details of my mac. Process...
  3. COMPLICATED QUESTIONs ; Source vs Export Settings

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    This is probably a pretty advanced question and i'm not sure if there is even an easy answer. Just wondering if i can save myself a ton of time testing it out myself. Please only answer if you are 100% confirmed on your answer Camera : Hero 4 Silver Source : 1080p 60fps Scenario 1 . My...
  4. crash on export, plz help

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    All right so when i do my editing i don't have any problem and when i click on "export" the window to choose the options pops up. I choose my option (HD1020p) and when i click export, nothing happens. when i click export a second time the program crashes and i have an error message saying that...