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  1. Cant Render in 4K on Hero 8

    Video Editing Software
    Hello, I have recently had the issue of high lag during playback on my projects when I record in anything above 1080p. I get about 3 fps while editing and it gets very tedious. I use VEGAS PRO 17 This is my PC specifications. Graphics - GeForce GTX 960 CPU - Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700 CPU @...
  2. How do I zoom the video when editing?

    Video Editing Software
    I'm new to GoPro but have done some video editing in the past with footage from my Sony Handycam. I just got the Hero6 Black, and shot some footage on a recent trip. However, everything looks very far away. Footage of a huge flock of redwing blackbirds in flight and on the ground, you can't even...
  3. Can't edit my videos in GoPro Studio

    GoPro Quik
    I imported my GoPro videos from the camera into my Mac. Now I'm trying to edit my videos in GoPro Studio and I can't pick them from the GoPro video folder. The files appear in the folder but the file name look like "grey" and I can't pick them to import. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks for...
  4. First 3D shoot...a few questions.

    GoPro Quik
    Hi everyone...happy to be a new member of this amazing forum! Hope it's ok if I get right to it and ask you a few questions about a 3D (stereoscopic) shoot I did yesterday and a few issues that I see with the material. A small bit of backstory: I'm on a iMac 5K i7 32GB My budget for this was...
  5. Want Raw Camera Output Footage

    Video Editing Software
    Hi - I do not actually own a GoPro camera. But, this summer I will renting several in order to document a shooting competition. I have downloaded and installed (Windows 7 / 64 bit -PC) GoPro Studio and want to learn and practice processing GoPro video. I need some "as it comes off the SD card"...
  6. Seconds In 4K

    This Video was shot in [email protected], all settings as is. no protune.orspot meter on. In the editor all 168videos splt to 1.0 -1.5 secs and speed to 23.96 fps, transtions cross fades. No color correction or any effects added. Magix 2016 rendered to 4K, WMVHD format, to youtube. Time to render...
  7. What software do you use to edit your videos?

    Video Editing Software
    Hi, I have a GoPro Hero4 and I do some videos when I go karting, ride a bike or travel with my car and I use the GoPro Studio to edit them, but I think this software is limited with functions. What software do you use to edit your videos? I have an indication of "VideoPad Video Editor" but I...
  8. Corrupted? Hero4 Silver, can't get any editor to read files.

    GoPro Hero 3, 3+ & 4
    Howdy. Have made thousands of still photos, and a dozen or more videos. The still pics are no problem. But can only view the videos via the camera or using the APP and my device. The video files will play from the card through the camera, BUT I'm having difficulty getting the MP4 files into...
  9. software for go pro studios

    GoPro Quik
    have recently purchased a hero 4 silver edition. have a laptop which has a i5 intel core processor,intel iris graphics card, 2.6mhz hardrive and 8gb ram. will this be good enough to use the editing software or will i encounter issues?
  10. Laptop/Desktop recommendation for GoPro2 editing

    Video Editing Software
    I have had a GoPro Hero2 for a while but have never done any video editing. I'm shopping for a laptop or desktop computer to accomplish this. Just basic internet, email and nothing special, in addition to video editing. GoPro gives the minimum specs for what a computer needs to run GoPro Studio...
  11. Downloads to my MACBOOK PRO

    Video Editing Software
    So I am new at dumping videos to any computer and I have a Macbook pro late 2011. I recently have dumped my videos to my mac and it seems to download to my iPhoto. I can view videos right after I download them. THen I come back after awhile and I CANNOT find them anywhere!!!!! argh. I think I...
  12. Adding still image to story board

    Video Editing Software
    This may have been discussed in this forum but I couldn't find the thread. I watch a tips & trick video in Youtube and followed the simple steps but still cannot get it right. Here is the steps I did according to the Youtube: 1. Imported a single image from a folder 2. Set the frame rate to 5...
  13. Losing Audio in Instagram

    Video Editing Software
    I have had the most difficult time getting my videos edited in GoPro Studio Editor and uploaded to Instagram. I have finally done it but i can not hear any audio on my instagram videos. This cannot be this difficult. Please someone teach me an easy way to take exported video to instagram. Im...
  14. Cyberlink Powerdirector 11

    Video Editing Software
    I tried Adobe Premier, Sony Vegas, and a couple other programs and I've decided to go with Powerdirector 11. I got the director's suite at 70% off because of student discount and it's pretty awesome so far. I have a bunch of videos on my channel edited with PD 11 and 1 or 2 that I did with...
  15. Linux or Windows software for specific task

    Video Editing Software
    Hi, my first post here so hello to all. I have tried editing video once before using footage taken on a sony handy cam which wasn't very successful. I try to use linux o/s for everything if I can but couldn't get a decent result when trying to create a video. My most successful attempt was...
  16. Cineform and/or Movie Maker or other software?

    Video Editing Software
    I'm a newbie here on this forum, as well as a newbie with the H3 Black. I have a couple of questions on video editing software. To start with, I normally shoot in 1080 wide with Protune turned on. I use Windows 8, with plenty of CPU, RAM, disk space, etc). Here is what I have done for workflow...
  17. Go pro pictures to instagram

    Video Editing Software
    new to the forum and have had my GoPro for about a year. Every time i check instragram it seems there is another amazing photo by either my friends or GoPro Athlete on instagram. Just been kinda out of loss bc I have some amazing raw footage (kayaking, Bermuda Trips, snowboarding,) but can't...
  18. Editing Programs...

    Video Editing Software
    Just got a Go Pro and a new Cannon camera. I need a good, or relativity good video editing program that is free, or cheap, or at least the best program in it's category. Even a free download of a program. Any ideas?