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  1. Video Editing Software General Questions
    I’ve used the GoPro Quick editing software a reasonable amount, but a change in the recent update makes it virtually unusable for me. When you go in to adjust a clip, you obviously want to preview the changes as you make them, but the software now appears to start playing the video right from...
  2. Greetings & Introductions
    Hey guys! Gopro user from Sweden here! New to this forum but have been using gopros for maybe 2 years now. I have only been recording for fun untill a few weeks back when i also bought a drone and decided to try some editing. You can see my work at youtube: Mpunktkarlsson Peace! :smile:
  3. Video Editing Software General Questions
    Hello all, I am having issues with the quik app. Either I just don't get it, or its plain hard to get around. What I am trying to do is take a video that I shot (two videos actually), add gauges to them, and export them to gopro studio to make one big clip. I don't want to create a shortened...
  4. GoPro Hero 5 & Hero 6,
    Hi! I play in a band and decided to record one of my shows yesterday using my hero 5 black. When playing back the recording, I noticed that the audio tends to become muffled and very bass heavy. Here's a sample clip: (I've elaborated further on the problem in the...
  5. Video Editing Software General Questions
    Sorry if I am asking dumb questions, but am relatively new to GoPro, although I have been using NLE editors for years. It seems from what I can gather that GoPro Studio (Free) outputs MOV that is not compatible with a Mac (does not play in QT or import into editors) without further conversion...
  6. GoPro Hero, Hero 2, Hero 3, & Hero 4
    Got GoPro Hero3+ for xmas. Shot some great drumming video. Quality is awesome. But....uploading to youtube started my nightmare. Video was shot in default mode (1080 x 1290 54.9 fps, thereabouts?) Video was 10 minutes long and about 2.4 GB. Anyway, attempting to upload to youtube was...
  7. Video Editing Software General Questions
    I have had a GoPro Hero2 for a while but have never done any video editing. I'm shopping for a laptop or desktop computer to accomplish this. Just basic internet, email and nothing special, in addition to video editing. GoPro gives the minimum specs for what a computer needs to run GoPro Studio...
  8. Greetings & Introductions
    Hello everyone! I just joined this forum and it seems pretty cool :D I have a GoPro Hero3+ Silver edition right now. I'm saving up for a black edition.
1-8 of 8 Results