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  1. Gopro is out of reach. How do I download pictures?

    GoPro Hero 3, 3+ & 4
    Hi, I’m out of options and becomming a bit desperate. My Hero 4 is mounted on a spot hard to reach. It s shooting in timelapse mode. The memorycard is almost full. How do I download the pictures? I tried almost everything. With wifi it can be done, one picture at the time. I want to...
  2. Hero 5 starts "downloading files" upon connecting it to the computer

    GoPro Hero, Hero 5, Hero 6, Fusion
    When I connect my new H5 to the computer, it sometimes displays the message "downloading files" when I have not started copying anything. When it shows this message, the explorer window is freezing for a while. It feels as if the copying process begins automatically, but I don't spot any files...
  3. Hi Res Android app download loses camera connection

    GoPro Hero 3, 3+ & 4
    When I go for a hi res download in my Android app, I lose connection about half the way through a small 5 min video. I tried multiple videos and the same thing happened every time. I use Bluetooth for connection. The camera is always withing inches of the phone. The app says that the camera...
  4. Firmware GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition v2.0

    GoPro Updates
    Please Help, I just updated the latest version (3.0.0) for GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition but need to downgrade to version 2.0.0 and cant find any place to download the files. Best Regards
  5. Downloads to my MACBOOK PRO

    Video Editing Software
    So I am new at dumping videos to any computer and I have a Macbook pro late 2011. I recently have dumped my videos to my mac and it seems to download to my iPhoto. I can view videos right after I download them. THen I come back after awhile and I CANNOT find them anywhere!!!!! argh. I think I...
  6. video stops with dead battery

    Video Editing Software
    Recently I was skiing in cold weather. Several clips taped fine but during the last clip apparently the battery died, likely because it got too cold. There is interesting (to me) footage on this clip, but although I can download it to my PC, it will not play. The size and MP4 are shown, but for...