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dead battery
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  1. GoPro Service Corner
    I bought 4 batteries for my Hero 7 and all of them showed up bulged up in the sides. Ordered 2 from the GoPro website and bought 2 from Target. And this isn't the first time it's happened. This is wrong with GoPro's quality control? So many battery issues floating around the internet but all...
  2. GoPro Service Corner
    I have a Hero 3 silver that will not turn on any longer. I plugged in the camera to charge , the red light turned on, I then went to sleep. When i woke up the red light was off and the camera no longer turned on. I have two separate batteries, neither one of them turns the camera on. I had no...
  3. Video Editing Software
    Recently I was skiing in cold weather. Several clips taped fine but during the last clip apparently the battery died, likely because it got too cold. There is interesting (to me) footage on this clip, but although I can download it to my PC, it will not play. The size and MP4 are shown, but for...
1-3 of 3 Results