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  1. Go Pro Studio Crashing When trying to Export

    GoPro Quik
    Go pro studio crashes everytime I try to export. It doesnt matter the file type or file size ( 1GB or 1MB). I have uninstalled and reinstalled the latest version of go pro studio multiple times but am having no luck. Please help! I have attached details of my mac. Process...
  2. crash on export, plz help

    GoPro Quik
    All right so when i do my editing i don't have any problem and when i click on "export" the window to choose the options pops up. I choose my option (HD1020p) and when i click export, nothing happens. when i click export a second time the program crashes and i have an error message saying that...
  3. GoPro studio crash at save settings (with solution)

    GoPro Quik
    Hi, I encountered a very strange GoPro studio crash issue, and it took a few days for me to solve it, so I would like to share it to save time for others 0:) Since I installed Windows 8 the GoPro studio was crashing if - I opened the "ADVANCED SETTINGS" on the "VIEW & TRIM" page and clicked to...
  4. Close racing with two cameras /// Lausitzring

    Hello, I finally had two cameras mounted during the sprint race and here is the video I made. I added some external footage and timelapse to have less stereotype video. Please, tell me your opinions. Thank you.
  5. Close racing at Slovakia Ring (crash)

    Hello, I had quite exciting race on the Slovakia Ring. I really like that circuit. Don't understand the the bad tire in the Race 1. It looked just same as others. Tires are used from Porsche Cup. Whose mistake was the crash in Race 2, T1? I used GoPro HD HERO 3 attached on the windshield...
  6. R/C Crashes. Its a good Job Go Pro are tough

    This is a couple of small out takes from when I went out filming with my Go pro & nitro powered R/C car yesterday. Thankfully the camera survived! Hope you enjoy
  7. Under Current: FPV Quadcopter Crashes in River

    General video , photos and Other
    Hi All, Well I managed to sink the Quadcopter again in the pursuit of the perfect shot lol. This day was one of those days where nothing was going right, I had already hit about 8 objects during my flight due to many factors, going too fast, not knowing the area, bad light but it all came to an...
  8. FPV Quadcopter Awesome Crash in River and Scuba Diver Recovery

    General video , photos and Other
    Hi All, Oh dear, my Quadcopter spent over 24hrs at the bottom of a river. Here are the results of the recovered footage and how the flight was meant to happen. Best viewed full screen @1080p Well after a good cleaning with distilled water and many days drying out...
  9. Cineform Crashes when I import time laps images and click "Proceed to Step 2"

    Video Editing Software
    Cineform Crashes when I import time laps images and click "Proceed to Step 2" I have a series of time laps images that I took on my Hero3 Black and I'm trying to convert them to a video using Cineform. I've successfully completed this process multiple times, but for some reason it is now...
  10. FPV Quadcopter Underwater Crash!

    General video , photos and Other
    Hi All, CamSump and I went to revisit Burrator Reservoir on a beautiful sunny day. My Quadcopter gets two unintentional dunks into fresh water all captured by my GoPro Black in its water proof case. My Quadcopter is not water proofed at all so it was a big risk flying over water at any time...
  11. FPV Quadcopter Checking the Skills Crash

    General video , photos and Other
    Hi All, I got a chance to revisit Wortha Farm and fun some via FPV. It was a beautiful day but I was haunted by the ever present wind. I got plenty of turbulence coming off the banks of the stream while I was low down which just made it even more fun. There was no damage caused by the crash as...
  12. FPV Quadcopter High speed crash at active Quarry!

    General video , photos and Other
    Hi All, CamSump and I were lucky enough to get permission to fly around an active Slate Quarry recently which was great fun FPV with all the equipment around. The day ended with a tiny crash that destroyed my quadcopter where as the crash in the video merely shifted my undercarriage a bit...