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  1. GoPro/CineForm Converter has stopped working

    Video Editing Software
    Have a GoPro HERO+LCD and Hero5 Black and when using time lapse that shoots multiple JPEG's I always seem to have issues running the GoPro Studio to convert the images to video. Probably 90% of the time when it starts to convert a group of images I get the message that the application has...
  2. Cineform conversion & Studio crashes

    GoPro Quik
    I have been constantly having issues with GoPro Studio. Cineform crashes when trying to convert simple images, and often distorts the ones it does convert. Studio freezes up during editing the more I add text to the storyboard and has to be force stopped and reopened to continue work. I...
  3. GoPro 3D - With only one Camera!

    Mounts, Accessories, & Modifications
    Has anyone tested the NEO3DO 3D android tablet that does not need 3D glasses? It takes a micro SD card and does real time 2D to 3D conversion. I tested 2D GoPro videos and 3D GoPro Videos on mine and it is ASTOUNDING. Looking for more feedback and opinions
  4. Cineform and/or Movie Maker or other software?

    Video Editing Software
    I'm a newbie here on this forum, as well as a newbie with the H3 Black. I have a couple of questions on video editing software. To start with, I normally shoot in 1080 wide with Protune turned on. I use Windows 8, with plenty of CPU, RAM, disk space, etc). Here is what I have done for workflow...
  5. Cineform Crashes when I import time laps images and click "Proceed to Step 2"

    Video Editing Software
    Cineform Crashes when I import time laps images and click "Proceed to Step 2" I have a series of time laps images that I took on my Hero3 Black and I'm trying to convert them to a video using Cineform. I've successfully completed this process multiple times, but for some reason it is now...
  6. Audio lost w/ Cineform conversion on a Mac

    GoPro Hero 3, 3+ & 4
    When I use Cineform on my iMac to convert my video shot with my Hero3 Black I lose the audio after the conversion. When I do the same process using my PC (Core 7 w/8 GB Ram) I do not lose the audio. I've been communication with GoPro about this and they haven't found a solution so far. They have...
  7. 720/120fps to 29.97 WITHOUT slo-mo in Cineform

    Video Editing Software
    Hey: I have a bunch of clips I was testing out at 720/120 and now I'd like to just make them like regular 29.97 clips via cineform without the slo-mo. I managed to make it happen a couple of times but can't seem to nail the workflow. I presume it has to to with the Speedup setting, but 4x...