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  1. I came to rant, Hero 8 cant charge while recording , This is terrible ! Please tell me it can.

    Hero 8/ Max 360
    Ok this may have been a little naive of me to assume it could do this but come on , I don't think I've ever owned a digital camera that couldn't. I've just got my Hero 8 and thought it would be an upgrade from my Yi 4K+ but maybe I was wrong. I usually attach a huge backup battery to my action...
  2. Gopro 3+ don't charge but red light is on

    GoPro Hero 3, 3+ & 4
    Hi ! I've a problem with my Gopro hero 3+ When I charge it, the red light turns on but the battery doesn't charge. Even after several hours. I tried a new battery. No result either. However, it lights up when the charging cable is connected.
  3. Hero 6 light wont turn off to indicate full charge

    GoPro General Discussions
    Gopro Hero 6 charging light will not turn off to indicate full charge. I think this is a software problem because before i updated to the latest software the light would infact turn off to indicate charging has completed. Gopro chat support has said their "devoloper team" knows about the issue...
  4. hero 4 batteries are unreliable and inconsistent

    GoPro Service Corner
    I don't understand this at all. I have the hero4 Black and 4 extra batteries for it (5 total) plus the battery bacpac...I also have the double battery charger and everything is legit GoPro brand. What I don't get is I can charge batteries on the charger until they are showing full (light turns...
  5. GoPro Hero 2 only charging a little bit

    GoPro Original & Hero 2
    Hey everyone, have been searching for a answer for my problem for a while, but cant find it. So I thought I would ask. My GoPro hero 2 is not charging fully, if I leave it on charge for a few hours it will get 1 bar of charge which lasts me for about 10 minutes of usage. I thought this must...