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  1. GoPro Service Corner
    Hey there everyone! Recently i had to move from my Samsung note 4 to my S5 and found out that the GoPro App in the play store is not compatible with this phone. Does anyone know why this could be? I know Capture used to work on it a while back before it was just the gopro app. There are...
  2. GoPro Hero 6, hero 7
    I am outputting the video from a GoPro Hero 5. I am having issues with the output. When I connect the micro HDMI cable it goes back and forth from output and the screen is flashing. Any ideas why? It doesn't do this with other cameras. Could it be defective? Or is this a known issue? It...
  3. GoPro General Discussions
    I just downloaded e new iOS iPad GoPro app which has been renamed Capture. It first asks me to login or create an account. The previous app did not need a login to use. You had to connect to the camera, of course, but that didn't require any account or registration. Is there a way to use the...
1-3 of 3 Results