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  1. Some famous places in Los Angeles

    Hi all, Today I take you with me to discover some places became famous due to the cinema and television. Stay seated in your seats and don't hesitate to eat popcorn while watching :wink:
  2. Visit San Diego with me

    Hi all, this is my last video from San Diego at the Balboa park. Enjoy
  3. Car Timelapse: Pacific Highway 101 (USA, California)

    Timelapse taken on the beautiful and famous Pacific Highway 101 in California back in 2014 during a roadtrip. This video was just sitting on my laptop for the pas year and I just found it a few days ago, so I though I might as well upload it. Enjoy!
  4. An Afternoon in Lake Tahoe!

    General video , photos and Other
    First time mountain biking and first time going to a beach!! Going back again next week, this time with a bunch of friends. Might do a video lol