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  1. GoPro Hero 11
    Drastic exposure switch within 2 frames, ruining the video. I filmed at 4k, 16*9, 120fps, fixed shutter 1/480, fixed iso min200 max 200.. I believe this is a bug with GoPro 11. Thanks for the support GoPro
  2. GoPro Hero 9
    After trying several versions it is clear that there is a problem with the webcam software, In the old versions it is impossible to use any of the 2 modes (wide angle or superview) between 10 and 20 minutes the screen splits and only half of it works, the rest of the screen freezes. Currently...
  3. GoPro Hero 9
    Hello, I have a problem with capturing sound in a vertical position. It sounds like the camera is closed in a waterproof case. I assume the wind reduction is on even though I manually turned it off. Everything works in horizontal position. Is anyone heve the same issue? Is there any fix?
  4. GoPro Hero 10
    This is very annoying, I have a brand new camera and I discovered when is below 30% of battery the majority of the videos and photos are not being saved. I just start recording, stop recording like any other video and, when you to go gallery to see your just recorder video you can not because...
1-4 of 4 Results