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    Hello Everyone! Just registered as a member after viewing some really good talent out there! I'm inspired. So long as I have a go pro close by, I'm having fun. Taken on the Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia:
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    I am outfitting a large charter deep sea fishing boat with 15 cameras. I need to figure out what cabling I need to install to network all of them to transmit 5v. DC and audio video feed (data). My goal is to supply all of the cameras with power so I dont have to deal with the batteries and to...
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    Hey guys, new to this forum, here is my most recent edit I created using adobe premiere pro 6. It is a compilation of the second half of my summer. Includes boating, biking, waterskiing, flipping, jumping and more. Check it out and leave feed back!
  4. General video , photos and Other
    The Duke of Lancaster cruise ship is undergoing a major transformation. Filmed using my F450 quadcopter and with a old but gold Gopro Hero.