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  1. who records in 4K?

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    I'm just wondering if I'm the only one
  2. GoPro Hero 3 Black edition Now with more Fish

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    Hi All, The video contains some clips of fish captured on camera while my Quadcopter stayed on the river bed after a crash. The GoPro was only recording for about 10 minutes under the water but managed to get some nice shots. I am so happy with my GoPro, its piece of mind that whatever happens...
  3. GoPro Hero3 (Black Edition)

    My Vertical Life
    The GoPro HERO3 Black Edition available from My Vertical Life. NOTE: The only difference between a "HERO3 Black Edition" and a "HERO3 Black Edition - Surf" is the mounting solutions the camera comes with. Everything else is 100% the same. Click here to buy yours today. Key Benefits: •...