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  1. Watersports
    hey, I would like to share my new gopro clip with you, all the contend in the video is shooten with my gopro 4 during some kitesessions...I would be happy for feedback.... cheers ben
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    Hello every body my name is Baptiste and I am 16 years old. I make vidéos on YouTube with my GoPro and my friends. Today I present my new vidéo on the summer 2015. On the vidéo there are fun, travels, jumps on the beach and in the pool, bike,... I wish you a good time for to look my video. Not...
  3. GoPro Original, Hero 2 to Hero 4
    Hey all - I'm a NEW GoPro Hero 4 user and I have two Golden Retriever puppies 10 months old - of course I bought the Dog Harness (well you would wouldn't you) tried it on one dog and he went crazy - hated it, hardly go any footage because he insisted on rolling over to get rid of it and the...
  4. General video , photos, Timelapse and Other
  5. General video , photos, Timelapse and Other
    First time mountain biking and first time going to a beach!! Going back again next week, this time with a bunch of friends. Might do a video lol