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  1. Hero 8 Battery life

    Hero 8/ Max 360
    Does anyone experinace short battery life? 1.5 hours straight running time into me lapse mode is what get. that normal?
  2. Old GoPro Hero and Battery

    GoPro Hero & Hero+
    Hi all, just found my dad's old goPro Hero and it works fine. The battery though, seems to have lived past its prime as its depletes in 15 minutes and heats like crazy. Should I buy a new battery or is it more cost effective to just get a new camera (living in Portugal) ? I still have all his...
  3. I came to rant, Hero 8 cant charge while recording , This is terrible ! Please tell me it can.

    Hero 8/ Max 360
    Ok this may have been a little naive of me to assume it could do this but come on , I don't think I've ever owned a digital camera that couldn't. I've just got my Hero 8 and thought it would be an upgrade from my Yi 4K+ but maybe I was wrong. I usually attach a huge backup battery to my action...
  4. Hero 7 Black - Great Picture Poor UX

    Hero 7 Black/Silver/White
    Hi, I am hiking allot and taking allot of GoPro footage, I have allot of experience w/ GoPro (video link needs 5 posts) I have an old GoPro HERO 3+ and a HERO 7 Black I have bought about 4 month ago. While the HERO7 produce awesome stable video it is hard to operate and error prone. The...
  5. Battery health test?

    GoPro Service Corner
    Do y'all know if there's a battery health test we can run? I have 2 batteries (one that came with the GoPro itself and one from a GoPro battery charger). One of them might be causing or having intermittent power issues. Dunno if the specs matter in this case but I have a new Hero 7 Black at...
  6. GoPro Died. Could It Be That Battery or is it dead!

    GoPro Hero 3, 3+ & 4
    I thought i made a rookie mistake by not charging up the GoPro when I was kayaking last week. I went to turn it on when I was on the river and nothing happened. Then, when I got back to the house, I tried charging and nothing happened. The red light never turned back on. Do you think that large...
  7. bacpac vs regular batteries

    GoPro Hero 3, 3+ & 4
    I know the bacbac is at least twice as large as the regular batteries, but I can't find the mAh specs on them. What is the mAh capacity for the regular batteries? mAh capacity for the bacpac? mAh capacity for aftermarket bacpac (Wasabi power) is apparently 1260 mAh for 24$. Is this a deal or the...
  8. New user - session 5: extra battery questions

    Introductions & New Members
    Hey people, Just joined, and just bought the Session 5 - in a bit of a last minute decision as leaving UK on way back to Nepal where I live most of the time (obviously boat loads to film here, it boggles the mind). So a few questions: - did i blow it and buy the wrong machine? (should have...
  9. External power for extended recording

    GoPro Hero 3, 3+ & 4
    Whats better? Rear 30 pin port cord or Battery adapter/Eliminator?
  10. Advice on storage options for GoPro Session

    GoPro General Discussions
    Hi all, In just over a month I'm going to Nepal for 3 weeks, and I'm very worried that without spending a ridiculous amount of money I'll be unable to record my time there. My main concerns are storage and battery life, as I'm unable to bring a laptop and will have limited access to electricity...
  11. GP 3 Switches off by itself after becoming very hot

    GoPro Service Corner
    Hi, my GoPro switches off by itself, after becoming extremely warm once the battery is put in. I dont even switch it on then it becomes so hot I can barely hold it. this causes the GoPro to switch itself off. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it the battery (it has been laying there for a...
  12. GoPro Hero 4 Black - battery time remaining very inconsistent

    GoPro Hero 3, 3+ & 4
    Does anyone else find that the GoPro + battery BacPac often reports onscreen 2 or 3 bars of battery left on either battery, but you start shooting and all of a sudden it does it's "I'm out of power" beeping and turns off. I've had this happen quite a few times, it's nowhere near as reliable as...
  13. WiFi On/Camera Off - How long does battery last?

    GoPro Hero 3, 3+ & 4
    How long does the Hero 4 black battery last with the WiFi On, but camera off? Background: I have a Hero 3 and only get just over 1 hour, and I need 2-3 hours really. Wondering does the latest Hero cameras solve this WiFi battery drain, such that you can have it in this state for several...
  14. any idea re WiFi battery limitation here???

    GoPro General Discussions
    I have a Hero 3 Black mounted on my helmet & started using it for Paramotoring. I have the WiFi remote on my lap so can use this to turn on/off the camera and record/stop recording. This is good as I can see it, noting that (a) there is motor noise so I can't hear the beeps from the camera and...
  15. Powering Hero4 as a dashcam

    GoPro General Discussions
    Among other sporting uses, I'd like to employ this Hero4 Black as a dashboard cam in my autos. The batteries seem to last an hour and change for continuous video so I presume a Battery BacPac would increase that to a few hours. Any experience here? The Auto Charger with the plugin for the...
  16. hero 4 batteries are unreliable and inconsistent

    GoPro Service Corner
    I don't understand this at all. I have the hero4 Black and 4 extra batteries for it (5 total) plus the battery bacpac...I also have the double battery charger and everything is legit GoPro brand. What I don't get is I can charge batteries on the charger until they are showing full (light turns...
  17. Hero4 Silver - Not turning on - Overheating

    GoPro Service Corner
    Hello all I last used the GoPro on Friday afternoon with no issues. I was left in the glove box yesterday. I brought it in to charge, and it will not. I have also turn it on, with no success. With the battery in the camera, the area in the front where it says "Hero4" gets very warm. I have...
  18. Gopro 2 does not charge to 100%

    GoPro Service Corner
    I just bought a gopro 2. I have used a USB cable and a standard iphone charger to charge the unit. I have also tried charging it by plugging it in to my computer. The red light never switches off, meaning that it doesn't reach 100%. When I turn it on, it only has two bars. Am I doing something...
  19. Corrupted Files

    GoPro Hero 3, 3+ & 4
    Anyone else have an issue with corrupted files with their cameras? This happened with one of my Hero 3 and also one of my Hero 3+. I'm putting it down to switching batteries during a video shoot, but using third party batteries.
  20. Battery and charging questions

    GoPro General Discussions
    I'm planning to buy a GoPro, probably a Hero 3+, and I know I'll need some accessories. I see there are different options for powering the camera and charging the batteries. Years ago I had a traditional digital camera that charged its internal battery through a USB. Both the battery and the...