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  1. GoPro Hero, Hero 2, Hero 3, & Hero 4
    I know the bacbac is at least twice as large as the regular batteries, but I can't find the mAh specs on them. What is the mAh capacity for the regular batteries? mAh capacity for the bacpac? mAh capacity for aftermarket bacpac (Wasabi power) is apparently 1260 mAh for 24$. Is this a deal or the...
  2. GoPro Hero, Hero 2, Hero 3, & Hero 4
    Does anyone else find that the GoPro + battery BacPac often reports onscreen 2 or 3 bars of battery left on either battery, but you start shooting and all of a sudden it does it's "I'm out of power" beeping and turns off. I've had this happen quite a few times, it's nowhere near as reliable as...
  3. GoPro Hero, Hero 2, Hero 3, & Hero 4
    My son bought a GoPro 2 ket that included the WIFI BacPac for a hunting trip last November, but did not use it. Now he wants to use it for his fishing adventures, and we discovered that the WIFI bacpac does not hold a charge, and as soon as it is removed from the charger it dies. It does not...
1-3 of 4 Results