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  1. GoPro Hero 7 & Hero 8
    So I just recently bought a media mod and a sennheiser mke 400. Seems I can't get any audio out of it. The media mod records sound. The gopro records sound. The mke records sound on my a7iii. I've tried a factory reset. I've tried updating, I've tried updating manually. I've tried both the...
  2. GoPro Hero 10
    I have the GoPro media mod and use it in conjunction with the RODE Wireless Go II mic system. The mics work just fine when recording a video (I have all the correct settings). However, when I livestream to Twitch, the stream only uses the house mic. Anyone have any resolutions?
  3. GoPro General Discussions
    While capturing video on my Hero 9 Black while flying an airplane, I also use the built-in microphone to record ambient audio. This captures mainly the sound of the airplane's engine. This is fine. The engine roar helps the viewer with the immersion. Additionally, when I connect an audio source...
  4. GoPro Hero 7 & Hero 8
    Good evening, had a quick question. I am currently using the Gopro Hero 8 and I am recording with the option to change the audio input to Line in. I was wondering if there was any way that the gopro could record both the audio as Line in and regularly so I would have both the Line in audio and...
  5. GoPro Hero 9
    Please please someone help! I bought a gopro (locally off someone) and all is perfect. I bought a media mod to add an external mic however its not recognised and also a mic adapter won't work either. Gopro won't fix it as I don't have a receipt. I've done the updates manually too and it's on...
  6. GoPro General Discussions
    Does anyone struggle with GoPro wind noise ruining their audio?
  7. GoPro Hero 5 & Hero 6,
    Hi! I play in a band and decided to record one of my shows yesterday using my hero 5 black. When playing back the recording, I noticed that the audio tends to become muffled and very bass heavy. Here's a sample clip: (I've elaborated further on the problem in the...
  8. GoPro Hero, Hero 2, Hero 3, & Hero 4
    Is it possible transfer audio in live preview?
  9. GoPro Hero 5 & Hero 6,
    I currently own the Session 4 but am considering getting the Hero 5 because it boasts better audio and image stabilization. My question is, does the Hero 5 actually record stereo audio with the built in mics? I was checking on the GoPro website and it says under the advanced features: "Stereo...
  10. GoPro Hero, Hero 2, Hero 3, & Hero 4
    Hi boys I am new in the forum and I bring you a new riddle. :nerd: I was recording videos with my GoPro and when I finished I noticed it didnt have audio :S :o I will describe the situation as it happened: As I said I was recording and decided to conect to a monitor with the mini-hdmi port...
  11. GoPro Hero, Hero 2, Hero 3, & Hero 4
    I have been having issues with the audio being 1 or 2 seconds ahead of the video when recording with my Hero 3 and I think I finally figured out the problem and how to avoid it so thought I would post for anyone else having a similar issue. I have found that if I am connected to the camera with...
  12. Mounts, Accessories, & Modifications
    Guys, First post, please be gentle :wink: I've just picked up a Hero4 Silver (today) and am looking to see what can be done to better the internal audio. Has anyone tried the Rode SmartLav+ ? Thanks in advance WBC
  13. GoPro Hero, Hero 2, Hero 3, & Hero 4
    Hello everyone, this is my first post, so I take to greet. I have 2 cameras Hero 3 black and Hero 4 black the Hero 4 generates me a rather disturbing noise for the audio track. Someone can tell what may be the reason?.. Thanks.
  14. GoPro Hero, Hero 2, Hero 3, & Hero 4
    I'm a newby with a hero 3+ black. I primarily use on my motorcycle and would like to record video without audio. Is there a setting for this or do I have to edit out sound in GoPro Studio? Thanks for your help. Tommy
  15. GoPro Hero, Hero 2, Hero 3, & Hero 4
    So I was searching high and low for an audio adapter that doesn't cost 20 dollars and doesn't stick out super far from the camera and it doesn't seem as if anyone has found this yet so I'm sharing with you guys. This cord is a right angle mini USB (10 pin) to 3.5 audio jack. The same exact thing...
  16. GoPro Hero, Hero 2, Hero 3, & Hero 4
    Just bought my first GoPro Hero 3 Silver edition and have recorded 2 videos both about 20 seconds long. I was holding the camera in my hand and not in the waterproof case. When I viewed the videos on my Windows laptop, the audio seems EXTREMELY LOW. Even when the camera was right in front of...
  17. GoPro Hero, Hero 2, Hero 3, & Hero 4
    When I use Cineform on my iMac to convert my video shot with my Hero3 Black I lose the audio after the conversion. When I do the same process using my PC (Core 7 w/8 GB Ram) I do not lose the audio. I've been communication with GoPro about this and they haven't found a solution so far. They have...
  18. GoPro Hero, Hero 2, Hero 3, & Hero 4
    Hero3 Black and iPhone app. All software is updated as of today. When using the iPhone app I get significant audio feedback/distortion. No audio issues with included remote without any at all. Any ideas? You can hear for yourself:
1-18 of 20 Results