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  • Dr. Z ·

    I just checked to see if I have the mod menu available and it is still not available to me. Could you please let me know when I am fixed up?

    Oh, and I've cleared cache, cookies, logged out and back in again and also rebooted.
    Dog's Eye View ·
    I was wondering if I could post a book review for GoPro: Professional Guide to Filmmaking, by Bradford Schmidt and Bradford Thompsom. It's available on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble, if you would like to check it out first. I think its an awesome book and other newbies, like me, could benefit from it.
    LisaG ·
    Hi there, I am wondering how to delete a post I put up in the "editing programs" subjects. I have solutions now and don't need my questions answered. But I can't find out how to delete my post/question in there.
    Could you delete it for me?
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